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We offer the best prices available for ViaViente. With several combinations to choose from you can order exactly what you want and be sure that you are receiving the lowest available prices. We have been authorized distributors of ViaViente since 2005 and pride ourselves on great customer service that in turn produces loyal customers. Some of our customers have been ordering with use since we began our relationship with ViaViente many years ago. We hope you will trust us with your business, too.

What is ViaViente and why is it so good for me?

ViaViente is WHOLE-FOOD nutrition with live food enzymens (which is lacking in most processed foods available today) helps to create an alkaline environment in your body resulting in a rise of energy and a normalization of the immune system enabling the body to cleanse itself with 14 ingredients:

Grape for blood flow, circulation, and enhanced digestion Chinese Skullcap for digestion
Gentian Root for circulation, and increased blood flow Prune for evacuative digestion
Bilberry for vision acuity Blueberry for richer blood and healthier tissues
Elderberry for respiration Apple for constitution
Cranberry for improved digestion Aloe Vera for healthier skin and improved digestion
Noni from Tahiti for increased mobility Pomegranate for healthy cholesterol levels and cardiovascular health
Lycium Fruit (Wolfberry or Goji) for healthy vision and immune system Vilcabamba Mineral Essence

ViaViente is designed to impact the entire body with vitamins, chelated minerals and anti-oxidents.  This combination will block or absorb free radicals before they cause cell damage which is the major cause of inflammation.

*Vilcabamba Mineral Essence - What is this?  ViaViente delivers to you the anti-aging secret of the Andes mountains though Vilcabamba Mineral Essence.  Deep in the heart of the Andes Mountains, near the equator there is a remarkable valley called Vilcabamba.  For decades medical, anthropological, and sociological professionals have marveled at the claims of longevity of Vilcabama Valley residents where 1 in 64 inhabitants routinely live past 100 years of age!

These villagers are thriving.  Their lives are virtually free from any arthritis, heart disease, or cancer.  Theri simple diets of high Anti-Oxidant rich fruits contributes to their longevity, but scientists have discovered that the secret is in their drinking water.  It's been shown that a one-day serving of this special water contains the optimum proportion of minerals and nutrients that support the phonomenal results.  

ViaViente has an exclusive ingredient with the same "miracle minerals" that are found in Vilcabamba's sacred drinking water; Vilcabamba Mineral Essence.

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